Wholesale Off-Road Diesel

Off-Road Diesel (NRLM) : Wholesale Pricing and Delivery

In addition to our ultra-low sulfur diesel for on-road use, we offer off-road diesel(NRLM). This stands for Non-Road Locomotive and Marine. We can arrange the delivery of the amount you need when you need it. We are in compliance with the EPA regulations in regard to the amount of sulfur it contains. We also offer the best prices out there, and you save more when you buy whole sale.

Our customers include the following:

  • Farms
  • Marine fleets
  • Power generating entities
  • Resellers

Our Pricing Structure

We are proud to offer a very convenient pricing structure for you to benefit from. Crude oil is used to create this type of diesel fuel. About ¼ of it is imported and this can increase the cost. The demand for it at certain times of the year will also influence price. There are other factors too including production and transporting fees.

Don’t worry; we do all of the research for the best deals so you can benefit. We are going to get you top quality fuel for a great price. We always stay on top of the rates so we know what to expect. We also offer plenty of price structures so each customer can decide what works best for them.

Storing Fuel

When you store fuel in tanks, you have to make sure it is going to be efficient and it is going to meet your needs. It is a good idea to get it when prices are low so you can use it when they increase and not pay more. This also prevents you from being in an emergency situation where you are either extremely low on fuel or you run out.

Proper storage procedures will ensure the fuel is safe to use and remains top quality. There are certain additives that need to be put into it and the right amount of them. This will help you to gain the most value from what you store. We will be happy to cover all of these details with you so you have the best information regarding it. You need the right practices, and being informed reduces the risk of common mistakes.


We will bring the off road diesel fuel you request to your site. This can be where your farm or business is located. It can also be a mobile site where you are temporary completing a job or even storing your equipment for that job to be completed. We can even get to those harder to reach rural areas many of our competitors simply won’t deliver to.

Every one of our drivers is well trained to drive our equipment and to use the delivery services we offer. They are held to very high standards in order to keep you safe and to keep the deliveries on schedule.

Select a Price Option

We encourage you to evaluate our price options so you can fully benefit. We can help you with estimating and taking the guess work out of budgeting for your off road diesel fuel costs. We can help you to see the various options and even to decide which is the best solution for your particular business.

We strive to keep prices low, and we can do that due to the many wonderful connections we have created within this industry. We only work with high quality providers and those that are doing what they can to keep the cost low for everyone.