No Run Out Guarantee
  • ☑️ Sign up / switch to automatic delivery.
  • ☑️ If you ever run out of propane while on automatic deliveries, we will make a prompt delivery, conduct a leak test and fill our propane tank for free!
  • ☑️ Never worry about running out of propane again!
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Terms and Conditions
  • Must have registered for the No Run Out Guarantee at least 7 days prior to run out. Additionally, the tank must be a Button Energy owned tank on automatic delivery, your account needs to be in good credit standing for at least 7 days prior to run out. We require accessible delivery conditions provided by customer including but not limited to snow and ice removal. The No Run Out Guarantee excludes pool heaters, generators, fire pits, patio heaters, campers, and grain dryers. In the event additional propane appliances are added to the gas system, an additional registration for the No Run Out Guarantee must be submitted using the form on the website originally used to register for the program.
  • Each delivery location must be registered for Button Energy’s No Run Out Guarantee. (i.e. “Home”, “Pool Heater” “Garage” could be 3 separate tank locations on your premise. Please fill out a registration for each.)
  • In cases of a run out, propane usage during the period between the prior delivery and run out must be consistent with previous usage history for that delivery location to qualify for a free delivery.
  • Must have proper tank storage amount recommended by Button Energy to qualify.
  • Program length, enrollment, and continuation can be terminated at the sole discretion of Button Energy.

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