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HVAC Repairs

We Service All Heating and Cooling Systems

AC Compressor

With our experienced staff we service a variety of systems. At Button Oil Company we also install everything from Propane Tanks, Air Conditioning Systems, Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, to Furnaces. We also offer several different preventative service plans for your Heating and Air conditioning needs.

Sewer Pump Grinder Installation Connection

In the 18707 zip code area, we offer residential sewer and grinder pump installations and connections. This service is only available to the 18707 zip code at this time.

Free Proposals

We offer proposals free of charge!

HVAC System Repair


Our team has the experience to perform nearly any HVAC System Repair or Service. Give us a call today to tell us more about your needs.

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Our team of HVAC experts provide top of the line service and support with Wilkes-Barre HVAC, and also our entire service area. We service Nanticoke, Scranton, Dallas, and many other areas with HVAC that is affordable and a team that is reliable. If you're in Hazelton and looking for Heating and Air Conditioning service, or in Duryea and Scranton, give the HVAC service experts at Button Oil a call today.

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Whether you have an emergency need, or a regualr scheduled maintenance, our trained technicians are here to help!

See our Service Contracts for worry-free maintenance solutions.

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Services

We offer exceptional HVAC services as we realize the value of reliable heating and air conditioning. You don’t want to take your chances that it will all work like it should. The worst time to find out is when it is extremely hot or extremely cold outside. When you have the right equipment, you can count on them to last. You will also have a more efficient system, saving you money every single month.

With lower costs for heating and cooling, the systems start to pay for themselves. The cost of such services continue to increase, so there has never been a better time to change to something very efficient than right now. We want to do our part to make sure you are cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months.

New System

Your current heating or air conditioning system may not be as wonderful as it used to be. It may be many years old, making it less efficient than what is out there today. You may be worried it isn’t going to last one more season. Perhaps you have already paid for repairs before and it still isn’t operating as it should. This can all mean you really need to look at a brand new system.

If yours is 10 years old or beyond that timeframe, it is time to see what is out there. You can get a new system that will last up to 30 years. They are created from the best technology, they are quiet, and they require far less fuel to operate them. It doesn’t cost you anything to reach out to us to discuss your needs and the various options. We can help you to find the best system for your needs and location.


If the cost of a new system is holding you back, it is time to look at some other options. One of them is to finance the cost. This allows you to get a new system now but you can pay for it over time. This is very easy to budget for and there are some great promotions to take advantage of. The application isn’t hard to complete and you can get a decision quickly. There are revolving credit lines offered without any collateral.

Maintenance and Repairs

Even if you aren’t ready for a new system, we can help you with routine maintenance and repairs. It is important to have your heating and cooling system checked out annually. This can ensure any issues can be resolved before you are stuck without the heat or the cool air you really need. This can also prevent small problems from becoming larger ones over time.

Should you need repairs, you can contact us and we will get a certified HVAC tech to you as quickly as possible. We offer repair service 24 hours a day so you can always contact us if it is an emergency situation. It always possible to wait until the next business day or over the weekend for help.

Protection Plan

It can be tough to budget for the costs involved with such maintenance and repairs. One way we can help you to be ready for them is with a protection plan. This costs a small fee each month but it covers those costs. It also ensures you get top priority for scheduling should you need our help. Many of our customers love this affordable feature due to the value it delivers.

No matter what your heating or air conditioning needs may be, you can always count on us to help you resolve them. You will find our techs to be friendly, on time, and to have plenty of knowledge. They have the right tools and equipment and they will get to the core of any issues. They can also share information with you about new products you may wish to upgrade to.


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