Commercial Propane Services

Commercial Propane Service

Many commercial establishments, such as hotels, motels and restaurants, use propane in the same way a homeowner does: for space heating, water heating (including pools) and cooking. Propane gas lets your customers live, sleep and dine in comfort while keeping energy costs down.

  • Space Heating - Propane will help keep your customers comfortable. Ultra efficient gas heating equipment can be used in an array of heating applications, including central or zone, forced air and radiant systems.
  • Water Heating - Propane heats water nearly 40 percent faster than electricity. A tankless propane water heater, compared to a standard electric water heater, can reduce energy costs by more than 60 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 61 percent.
  • Cooking - With its instant response and variable flame, only gas gives chefs the heat they want and the control they need for better cooking. And today's new energy efficient gas cooking equipment makes gas even more economical to use.


Forklift Motor Fuel

  • Propane-powered forklifts perform better than electric forklifts in indoor and outdoor applications, consistently demonstrating the ability to lift, push and pull heavy loads at full capacity with faster ground speeds than electric lifts.
  • Clean-burning propane also helps you meet Federal and local emissions standards, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Temporary Heating

Button Oil and Propane has extensive energy and service solutions to meet any temporary heating requirement, including:

  • Free site analysis
  • Proven equipment and installation services
  • Rental and purchase plans
  • Custom systems and solutions
  • Portable construction heaters, regulators and hoses
  • Stationary systems
  • Assistance with compliance with Federal, state and local codes
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