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  • 24 Hr Fuel Delivery Service for existing customers in good standing with automatic accounts

Discount Heating Oil for Your Business

Looking for ways to lower your heating oil cost? We offer a variety of cost saving options for you to choose from. We offer volume discounts,automatic payment discounts, and prepaid discounts.

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Available plans include:

  • Cap Price – This takes into account the fluctuation of prices as they change. You will have a capped rate, so you never pay more than that. However, if prices drop then you will pay less. This can help with budgeting your costs.
  • Fixed Price – You will get a guaranteed rate locked in for the entire heating season.
  • LIHEAP Grant – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants help families pay their heating bills with government funds
  • LIHEAP Grant – Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Grants help families pay their heating bills with government funds

Due to the changes in the seasons, the amount of heating oil you use can vary from one month to the next. With budget billing, you will have an estimated cost that is broken down over the entire year. Then you pay that rate each month and you can budget for it with ease. It prevents you from having significantly increased bills for the heating oil during the colder times of the year.

Give us a call today to see how our rates and service compare to your current supplier, and where you’d be best served.

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Automatic Deliveries

The best choice for customers who want convenience in payment and worry-free comfort. We monitor your tank with either hardware or software combined with weather forecast and accurately project your upcoming usage to efficiently make your delivery. You never need to worry about running out, you never need to keep track of how much oil you have, and it’s cheaper!

Green and Environmentally-Friendly

Due to operational efficiency, we can schedule your delivery along with other customers so as to not waste trips.

A Reputation of Exceptional Service Extending Generations

You want a company you can count on to get it delivered to you on time and as scheduled. Count on Button Energy’s responsible drivers and reliable trucks to always get to your business when you need us!

Button Energy has been providing the greater Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania region with top-quality service with care and attention only found in a family-owned business for nearly 100 years!


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