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About Us

Button Oil Company

Button Oil Company has proudly served residential and commercial customers in Northeastern Pennsylvania for over eight decades. Our story is one of dedication to our family of employees and customers, adapting over time to offer an expanded menu of products and services to meet customer’s changing needs.

Today, a fourth generation of Buttons are focused on growing the business while maintaining the tradition of outstanding customer service that has allowed us to gain your confidence in us over the past eight decades.

Edward S. Button founded the company in 1933 when he began delivering diesel fuel and heating oil to customers in Kingston, PA, a borough just across the Susquehanna River from Wilkes-Barre.

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History of Button Oil – An American Story of Triumph over Tragedy

In 1943, the company crossed the river from Kingston and moved to its current location in Mountain Top, PA. Button Oil Company faced tragedy and devastation when its founder, Edward Button, perished in a fiery truck crash leaving the fate of the business and the family in the hands of his two teen sons, Robert and Charles.

The boys persevered, eventually expanding the company’s reach in Northeastern Pennsylvania while also expanding its offerings to include service and maintenance. Running much of the operation out of the family’s house, the kitchen table would serve as a desk during the day and be cleared for dinner in the evenings.

About Us

Robert married and had two sons, Ed and Robert. For a time, things went well, but unfortunately history was doomed to repeat itself.

Robert passed away in 1977 and then Charles retired in 1990 leaving the business in the hands of two teenage brothers, Ed and Robert, once again. The experience was “pretty freaky,” said Ed, who at the time was an 18-year-old senior in high school headed to college on a football scholarship.

Ed did what he felt was necessary passing on the scholarship offer and assuming a leadership role with the family business. Ed and Robert got to work operating the family business but it was their mother, Kathleen, who picked up right where her husband had left off, running the office while the boys ran the trucks.

"The transition from helping out with the business to leading it was difficult", she said, "but it was all we knew, all I knew… When I lost my husband, if I didn’t have these boys, I don’t know what would have happened."

Now in her eighties, Kathleen remains involved in the business and community service. She’s often the company’s face at social and volunteer events and is a comforting presence every day at the home office. "Everybody knows my grandmother," Ed R. says.

Of particular significance to the Button family is a camp for asthmatics that the company supports at the local Camp Kresge. The family helped build the Max & Lorraine Health Lodge at the camp in memory of Kathleen’s daughter, Lorraine Tracy, who at 40 died of complications from an asthma attack in 1992. Lorraine’s 10-year-old son, Max Tracy, died months later from similar complications. "You have to keep busy," Kathleen says.

About Us

Between 1990 and 2011, Ed and Robert added service vans and five more oil trucks to the two-truck fleet while becoming distributors of energy-efficient products, such as insulated building forms and high-tech oil burners.

In the 1950’s, underground storage tanks were installed in Mountain Top so company truck drivers wouldn’t have to travel down the mountain on the sometimes-treacherous state Route 309 to load. In 1984, the company headquarters moved out of the family home to a one-story office next door.

About Us

By 2011, Button Oil Company had grown to about 3,000 customers and employees 14 people. It was at this time when the business was handed over to the next generation, Edward R, Amanda and Robert III. With each having been active in the company, the trio continued the company’s expansion, while staying focused on our core values, great customer service at reasonable prices and treating employees like family.

As of the time of this writing, Button has grown to over 60 employees and 10,000 customers by expanding into additional business segments, such as residential & commercial propane, transport deliveries, mobile fueling and wholesaling fuels. Many things have changed over the last 85 years, but a few remain fairly constant – treat your customers and employees well and they will likely stay with you.

Rory Sweeney writes on energy and the environment when he’s paid to and sits around talking about them when he’s not. Send feedback here.

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About a Career at Button Oil

If you are an individual with strong work ethic, are hard-working and reliable, we would like to talk with you. Button Oil Company offers a 401k plan with a strong company match, insurances (medical, dental, vision, life insurance benefits) and competitive wages. If you are interested in working with a growing company, please email your resume to or show your interest by going to the contact us page and providing information. If you are interested in a position as a Driver, please include information pertaining to license certifications and endorsements.

Button Oil Company Inc. reserves all right to conduct a background/driving record report for all applicants to whom an offer is made. Come join our team!


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